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I don't see anything on their website about pricing, although maybe I'm just
overlooking it. If it's expensive, I would think you could set up a similar
system with Dragon Naturally Speaking and any of the avilable "stenomask"
products, such as:


This has become a fairly common practice among stenographers, and the masks
work quite well at muffling the voice. They also provide a consistent
accoustic environment so users with trained voice profiles can use it
reliably across a variety of accoustic settings.

One cautionary note is that echoing the speaker's speach is a learnable
skill, but not many people have it innately. You could do this with students
acting as voice captioners but they'd have to have the aptitude, and their
becoming proficient would require training and practice.


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> All -


> A co-worker asked me to check into Caption Mic (www.captionmic.com).

> Anyone know anything about this?


> Thanks,

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