[Athen] July 4th - Greek screen reader?

Patrick Burke burke at ucla.edu
Thu Jul 5 12:44:24 PDT 2007

Hi E.A.,

I'm not sure who controls the weather, but I think you're right about
Greek screen-reading capability.

Although these folks say they have used their speech synthesizer with
Freedom Sci. products (as well as Dolphin):


& there's something interesting going on at:


My only direct experience is that Jaws 8 displays Greek characters on
a braille display, but can't pronounce most of them. Not sure if they
have a localized version that works better (which, I think, brings us
back to the E-Rhetor project).


At 04:22 AM 7/5/2007, you wrote:

>Thank you Wink and others who promised to send that sun - according to the

>New York Times "No players infuse tournaments with drama the way Venus and

>Serena Williams do. Their influence is so great that it can sometimes seem

>that they even control the weather." (Wimbledon tournament)


>As an aside! Are Supernova and Hal the only screen readers that work with

>the Greek language?


>Best wishes E.A.




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