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Laurie Vasquez Vasquez at sbcc.edu
Tue Jul 10 13:26:54 PDT 2007

FYI - during your discussions.

Questioning the Student Use of and Desire for Lecture Podcasts, Laura
Guertin, Matthew J. Bodek, Sarah E. Zappe, and Heeyoung Kim

The use of audio files, specifically podcasts, has become more visible
and accessible to students in higher education. Despite a lack of
pedagogical research on the benefits of podcasting, several universities
have adopted the technology of using audio for instruction outside of
class and sharing of information. Although institutions and instructors
have embraced the technology, have the students? A professor in an
introductory geoscience course for nonscience majors recorded the audio
from classroom lectures and made these audio files available through the
university*s online course management system. Student accesses of the
audio files were tracked. The students were surveyed about their
knowledge on how to utilize the audio files and if they believed the
audio to be of some use. Although percentages were not high in terms of
student accesses to individual lectures, and a little over half the
students were aware of how to access and utilize the files, all of the
students reported a perceived value to having lecture podcasts

Laurie Vasquez

>>> "Humbert, Joseph A" <johumber at iupui.edu> 7/10/2007 5:58 AM >>>


So far we have 8 people participating. For those of you who are if
could PLEASE send me you research on apple iTunes accessibility that
would be great. If you haven't done any please tell me that. For
everyone else there are still 5 spots left and I can arrange more if I
call by 4pm today. I will send out the agenda later today. Thankx.

Joe Humbert

Assistive Technology Specialist

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