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Something you all need to be aware of, after reading the report I think this
is a mixed blessing. For those that were involved in some of the VR
agreement process this is a similar kind of thing.


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Dear AHEAD Members,

As we get ready to convene in Charlotte for our Annual Conference, we are
pleased to announce that the National Joint Committee on Learning
Disabilities (NJCLD) has just published a report entitled "The Documentation
Disconnect for Students With Learning Disabilities: Improving Access to
Postsecondary Disability Services" (July, 2007). This report has been
endorsed by a majority of the organizations that comprise the NJCLD. These
organizations are: American-Speech-Hearing Association, Association of
Educational Therapists, AHEAD, Council for Learning Disabilities, Division
of Communicative Disorders and Deafness, Division for Learning Disabilities,
International Dyslexia Association, Learning Disabilities Association of
America, National Association of African American Children With Learning
Disabilities, National Association of School Psychologists, National Center
for Learning Disabilities and Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic. These
organizations serve over 400,000 constituents!

This report has been in progress for a long time and AHEAD has had
substantial input. The report articulates the disconnect caused by the
differences in legislation that govern postsecondary and secondary
education, and the different purposes that documentation is used for. The
report is a call to action encouraging secondary and postsecondary personnel
to consider the serious issues surrounding documentation. Concrete
recommendations are made to support that effort. It is hoped that the report
will be used to start dialogs between all of the entities that are
responsible for documentation issues for students with learning
disabilities. The report will be disseminated widely through the NJCLD.

For most of the time that this report was being researched and written
Christy Lendman was one of AHEAD's representatives to the NJCLD. In the
spring of 2007 Peggy Hayeslip took her place. We encourage you to read this
report carefully and find ways to open a dialog at your local and state
meetings. As states do this we will let you know, so that you can use that
information in your own state. This report is only a start, however it is
critical that we consider the tenets that are articulated here to do what we
can to reduce the disconnect! We hope to have an opportunity at AHEAD to
talk about the report, so you may want to print it out and bring it! You can
access the full report online and for download at:

Sincerely yours,

Lydia Block and Peggy Hayeslip
AHEAD's Representatives to the NJCLD


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