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Berkowitz, Daniel J djbrky at bu.edu
Mon Jul 30 09:19:33 PDT 2007

Dear ATHEN members,

The following is from a researcher at the University of York in the UK.
I am passing this along at their request.

Daniel Berkowitz - Assistant Director
Boston University Office of Disability Services
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From: Omar Kheir [mailto:kheir at cs.york.ac.uk]
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 11:50 AM
To: Berkowitz, Daniel J
Subject: International Research on Supporting Students in Lifelong

Dear Daniel Berkowitz

I am a researcher at the University of York, currently involved in an
international project (EU4All, see www.eu4all-project.eu) which is
investigating how to use the potential of virtual learning environments
to better support students with disabilities and mature students
(although we are well aware that these systems currently have big
accessibility problems at the moment). We are collecting information
about the services available for disabled and mature students world wide

in education, and we would like to ensure broad representation of USA
institutions. This is to ensure that our results are relevant to
institutions internationally, and in particular to the USA academic

We have a survey for everyone working in higher education institutions
(lecturers, disability officers, technicians, library and admin staff, I

do mean everyone). Also, we don't want only people with experience of
working with students with disabilities or mature students, we are
interested in everyone's experiences. It is quite a long survey, it will

take up to 40 minutes to complete (the clever software does at least
allow you to do some and come back later if you wish). Because it is
quite an effort, we are going to hold a prize draw with 10 x $20 US
Amazon gift vouchers amongst all respondents.

I would be very grateful if you could complete the survey. If you could
also publicise it to your colleagues at your institution, that would be
wonderful. If it's useful, I can provide a small poster (as a pdf file).

Of course, we also want to get information from students, and we have a
survey for students, both disabled and non-disabled, mature and new
students. Again it's quite long, but there is also a prize draw of 10 x
$20 US Amazon gift vouchers. If you can publicise the survey to
students, I'd be very grateful.

Both surveys can be accessed from the following web page:

The surveys have been extensively tested for accessibility, so they
should work well with screen readers and magnification programs.

Many thanks for your help with this. If you have any questions about our

project, do not hesitate to contact me.


Omar Kheir
Research Associate
Department of Computer Science
The University of York
York, UK
YO10 5DD
Email: kheir at cs.york.ac.uk

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