[Athen] CSUN Presentation Materials for Distribution

Berkowitz, Daniel J djbrky at bu.edu
Thu Mar 8 16:34:29 PST 2007

A message for ATHEN members presenting at CSUN.

Ron Stewart and Dolphin Computer Access have graciously offered to provide CD's with ATHEN materials in digital formats so that we can provide them upon request at the conference.

So far the CD contains the brochure, membership application, the EDUCAUSE survey bulletin.

For those of you presenting - I am requesting that you send Ron your presentation materials for inclusion. You have likely already created these for handing out in your presentation but this will bring them all together in one package with the ATHEN label of approval.

This will also help us to start gathering materials for an ATHEN archive and the eventual creation of Web resources on the organization site.

If you choose not to or are unable to we understand.

Ron needs these materials NO LATER THAN close of business on Tuesday March 13th. Send them to ron.stewart at dolphinusa.com

Duly signed -- your pain-in-the-tush membership coordinator

Daniel Berkowitz - Assistant Director
Boston University Office of Disability Services
19 Deerfield Street, 2nd floor
Boston, MA 02215

(617) 353-3658 (office)
(617) 353-9646 (fax)
djbrky at bu.edu <mailto:djbrky at bu.edu> (eMail)

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