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Jiron, Randi RJiron at roguecc.edu
Mon Mar 19 13:25:42 PDT 2007

We recently purchased a server to run all AT technology on all 3 of our
campuses. Specifically, this server runs JAWS and Zoomtext, although we
will be adding more in the future. If either of these programs is needed
at a specific location and campus, our IT department can download the
programs to a specific computer and the software is then accessed
through the server which monitors licensing.

Randi Jiron
RWC Support Services Specialist

Rogue Community College
Disability Support Services
Redwood Campus
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Website: http://learn.roguecc.edu/developmental/support/

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Good question since not all colleges have adapted how to manage and
service AT software and hardware. Here at College of the Desert, I have
the unique position of being part of the DSP&S, categorically funded,
classified staff. My title is Adaptive Computer Technician Specialist,
and my duties are to setup and maintain, district wide, any and all
adaptive workstations, DSPS staff workstations and all servers,
networking and installation of all AT hardware and software. This
includes our High Tech Center (26 computers), 3 remote proctor exam
workstations, and 5 to 10% of each campus lab computers to be able to
run AT hardware and software. All AT requests from students or staff,
is my responsibility to install and setup. Since we allow all lab
workstations to be able to be accessed by all students, (except the High
Tech Center), each department that has requested a lab, purchases the
equipment. The AT software is then ran from one of the DSPS servers (5
running Windows 03) and the student AT program/data files are then
accessible on any AT computer District wide. I hope this answers some
of your questions and if you need more information, please contact me
off list.

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Hello Everyone,

Although I'm unable to attend the CSUN Conference this year -budget
constraints- my role as AT Coordinator and ATI sub-committee
member(Procurement)has brought questions that I need help to answer.

I've been asked to find out the status of other Services for Students
with Disabilities offices/programs if other offices maintain Servers for
assistive software exclusive in students with disabilities Lab's or if
AT programs can be accessed from any lab on your campus?

At Fresno State, I'm responsible(up to now)for
purchase,installation,maintenance all AT equipment and softwares for
the SSD student lab (13 workstations),for e-text conversion practices
and policies and e-text production.

To summarize, are the AT programs, i.e., JAWS, Kurzweil 3000, DragonNS,
etc. individually installed for access by students with disabilities
(Lab/Resource Center) or are the programs residing on a university
server for accessibility to open labs?

Thank you so much for your input.

Lorna Saiz
Administrative Systems Operations, AT Coordinator Services for Students
with Disabilities
lornas at csufresno.edu

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