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Sun Mar 25 14:45:06 PDT 2007

I think things were worse than last year, but I was not in a lot of
sessions. I do know that given the lack of disability experience on the
part of the conference staff accessibility issues abounded. At present next
year looks like it will have added complications because they are trying to
move everything to one hotel by putting up a temporary structure in the
Marriott parking lot. Portapoties at a professional conference :( should
they change the name to the COD county fair?


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I missed CSUN this year, and was side-lined from this list for the week,
so I apologize if this topic is already underway - how was the conference
this year? As someone who has been to four of them, including last year
where I definitely noticed a bit of a difference (from a presenter's
perspective), I'm curious how things
went overall.

It always surprised me that a conference the size of CSUN never conducts
any sort of online post-conference evaluation.


Jennison Asuncion
Co-Director, Adaptech Research Network

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