[Athen] E-ink and Flexible Displays (Boston Globe Article)

Berkowitz, Daniel J djbrky at bu.edu
Wed Mar 28 04:52:47 PDT 2007

Interesting article in the Business section of the Boston Globe today.
E-Ink is a company in Cambridge, MA that is leading the flexible display
revolution (resolution?):

MiniURL = http://miniurl.org/02m

The article also includes a picture gallery.

I have been following the developments in this area for a few years and
my interest touches on several fronts. From a technical/practical
viewpoint a good portion of the weight and majority of energy
consumption on a laptop comes from the monitor. Another is portability
not just of the monitor but of the sorts of programs we work with. Ultra
Portable computers are become more common - but portability usually
means small and impractical screen sizes. Imagine an LD or L/V student
who can carry an ultra portable computer in their pocket (or on their
wrist) and then be able to pull a large sized 'monitor' (display device)
out of their pocket or unroll it from a tube and use it. The newspaper
becomes a DTB or a screen magnification program (that actually has
enough space to be practical) can be carried with ease.

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