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Her best bet is Braille if she is already deaf. Yes on refreshable
Braille display OR and here's a huge plug for portability - BrailleNote.
I'm pretty sure HumanWare makes them. They are actually little
computers, about 5" x 8", allow for web browsing, email, word
processing, etc. etc. Software can allow for connection to a desktop for
test taking, or there are flash cards. The new ones also have GPS
tracking systems. Obviously in the pricey range, however, if she has VR
support, you and/or she should be able to talk the counselor into it.

Have a good one.

Dawn Hunziker wrote:

>Hi all,


>I have a student with Usher's Syndrome here at the University of

>Arizona.... She is deaf and is losing her vision. Right now she is

>depending on a CCTV to read her course materials but is finding that

>to be very exhausting / strenuous. She is blind in one eye and has

>20/70 vision in the other....


>I suggested that she learn braille and learn how to use a computer

>with a screen reader / refreshable Braille display..... Any other

>suggestions for this student?


>Thanks much!




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