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Hi Joe,

That's a pretty extensive and high-end set of job responsibilities requiring
multiple specialized skill sets. How does the salary range compare with
other IT positions at Purdue?


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> Hi all!


> Is a salary range of 42,000 to 46,000 to low for this job? It's in

> Indiana:


> The position of Adaptive Technology Specialist

> supports all aspects of adaptive technology for students,

> faculty and staff on their resident campus. Responsibilities

> include but are not restricted to:


> Oversee general operations of the Adaptive Technology Center

> with limited on-site supervision. Perform testing,

> installation, trouble shooting and maintenance of all

> adaptive hardware and software including operating systems in

> the Adaptive Technology Center and other campus locations.

> Provide counseling with regard to appropriate adaptive

> technology and training for students, faculty and staff who

> need access to adaptive hardware or software. Develop

> training on adaptive hardware

> and software - written, web-based and multimedia.


> Interpret, enforce and assist with development of operational

> procedures for the Adaptive Technology Center. Prepare and

> edit alternate media for clients of the Adaptive Technology

> Center including electronic text, Braille and tactile

> graphics. Maintain checkout system for loaner hardware and

> software used by students, faculty and staff. Collect and

> report on client usage data. Provide expert web development

> including development and support of accessible web best

> practices, accessible web-site development and maintenance

> for the ATC web pages. Develop, maintain and teach a web

> accessibility best practices certification class. Lead the

> functional and coding web accessibility testing project for

> the [College] and [COLLEGE] campuses web sites. Develop web

> pages for the Adaptive Technology Center. Research, evaluate

> and recommend new adaptive technology for the Adaptive

> Technology Center. Prepare and disseminate information about

> the [COLLEGE] Adaptive Technology Center to various campus

> units via advertising, print materials including brochures,

> and meetings. Collaborate with campus Adaptive Education

> Services on issues of technology and issues affecting

> students, faculty and staff with special needs.


> Assist with general operations of the Adaptive Technology

> Center (ATC) with limited on-site supervision Serve as

> [COLLEGE] Adaptive Technology Center Program manager and Web

> Developer. Use expert, in-depth knowledge of all components

> of PC and MAC operating systems, networking and complex

> adaptive software, hardware for networked and standalone

> deployment of complex software licensing models. Including Must

> provide multiplatform and operating system analysis for

> application deployment; program analysis to determine how to

> effectively deliver applications in very diverse operating

> system environments; crisis management to ensure

> uninterrupted services. Full and detailed knowledge of all

> networking policies and procedures required to safely deploy

> applications. testing, installation, trouble shooting and

> maintenance of all adaptive hardware and software.

> Develop/write detailed and complete training materials to

> support clients using adaptive hardware and software. On a

> case-by-case basis, analyze client need and recommend

> adaptive technology that will best meet the special needs of

> each client. Develop and write up procedural documents for

> the ATC client and adaptive technology workflow and operations.


> Requires expert knowledge of server deployment, support and

> administration. Expert knowledge of operating systems for PCs and

> MACs, ghosting and image building, networking, and all

> security best practices is required. Requires interpretation,

> enforcement and modification of current operational

> procedures for the ATC. Responsible for data gathering and

> reporting for all ATC activities. Ability to do database

> programming required. Analysis and implementation of the

> following technologies required:


> -networking


> -database programming and administration


> -all adaptive technologies and services


> -operating systems


> -all aspects of network, workstation and laptop security


> Analysis of client needs, new and current adaptive

> technologies needed to develop operational


> planning for the ATC is required.



> Develop all adaptive technology training and support for

> students, faculty and staff. Provide case specific

> individual client counseling and training in use of adaptive

> hardware and software. Through


> programming with C#.net, Perl, MySQL, SQL Server, PHP, HTML,

> CSS, SMIL, Dolphin Easy Publisher, VBScript create tools for

> use with the alternate media production, database, work flow

> support and web work of the ATC.

> Must have expert knowledge of the multimedia applications

> like Macromedia, AVID and Camtasia. Develop with written

> and multimedia components, training on adaptive technologies

> and services, ATC web content and conference materials for

> adaptive technology. Create accessible web development

> practices for use in accessible web trainings which will be

> delivered by CD, video and the web. Develop and maintain the

> database system for all ATC workflow including client

> transactions, inventory and ATC workflow.


> Supervise [COLLEGE] ATC alternate media preparation for the campus.

> Prepare and edit alternate media for clients of the ATC.

> Alternate media includes but is not limited to all forms of

> electronic text, Braille, tactile graphics, audio and

> captioned videos. This requires knowledge of high-speed

> scanning, several optical character recognition applications

> and familiarity with Braille software and hardware.

> Knowledge of the production of tactile graphics also important.

> Meticulous editing of alternate media documents required;

> attention to detail and excellent knowledge of MS Word required.


> Lead the ATC WEB Team. Develop and maintain the ATC web site

> as a model of fully accessible, media rich web pages. Develop

> and promote accessible web page best practices.


> Develop hands-on advanced accessible web page development

> class. Lead the ATC's web accessibility testing service for

> the University. Through this service, web pages of [COLLEGE]

> departments are evaluated for accessibility from both the

> functional and coding perspective.

> [COLLEGE] Departments are provided with an accessibility

> evaluation of their web pages along with suggestions for page

> repair to bring the pages into compliance with [COLLEGE]'s

> baseline accessibility standards.



> Develop all [COLLEGE] publicity, outreach and teaching

> modules related to the services of the ATC. Prepare and

> disseminate information about the ATC to various campus units

> via advertising including


> but not limited to print materials including brochures,

> fliers, newspaper articles, videos, etc. For specific

> departments, prepare adaptive applications for delivery

> through departmental computing labs, offices, etc. packaging

> adaptive applications for delivery over a wide variety of

> departments throughout the [COLLEGE] campus


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