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For that position, since it includes programmer, is starting $63230 -
$82570 for 12 months, classified position.

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I do most of that job, EXCEPT the programming and networking functions.
salary is in that range.

It sounds like they put two or three jobs together in that description.
be asking some questions, that's for sure!

Susan Kelmer
Information ACCESS Lab
St. Louis Community College at Meramec

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>Hi all!


>Is a salary range of 42,000 to 46,000 to low for this job? It's in



> The position of Adaptive Technology Specialist

>supports all aspects of adaptive technology for students,

>faculty and staff on their resident campus. Responsibilities

>include but are not restricted to:


>Oversee general operations of the Adaptive Technology Center

>with limited on-site supervision. Perform testing,

>installation, trouble shooting and maintenance of all adaptive

>hardware and software including operating systems in the

>Adaptive Technology Center and other campus locations. Provide

>counseling with regard to appropriate adaptive technology and

>training for students, faculty and staff who need access to

>adaptive hardware or software. Develop training on adaptive hardware

>and software - written, web-based and multimedia.


>Interpret, enforce and assist with development of operational

>procedures for the Adaptive Technology Center. Prepare and

>edit alternate media for clients of the Adaptive Technology

>Center including electronic text, Braille and tactile

>graphics. Maintain checkout system for loaner hardware and

>software used by students, faculty and staff. Collect and

>report on client usage data. Provide expert web development

>including development and support of accessible web best

>practices, accessible web-site development and maintenance for

>the ATC web pages. Develop, maintain and teach a web

>accessibility best practices certification class. Lead the

>functional and coding web accessibility testing project for

>the [College] and [COLLEGE] campuses web sites. Develop web

>pages for the Adaptive Technology Center. Research, evaluate

>and recommend new adaptive technology for the Adaptive

>Technology Center. Prepare and disseminate information about

>the [COLLEGE] Adaptive Technology Center to various campus

>units via advertising, print materials including brochures,

>and meetings. Collaborate with campus Adaptive Education

>Services on issues of technology and issues affecting

>students, faculty and staff with special needs.


>Assist with general operations of the Adaptive Technology

>Center (ATC) with limited on-site supervision Serve as

>[COLLEGE] Adaptive Technology Center Program manager and Web

>Developer. Use expert, in-depth knowledge of all components

>of PC and MAC operating systems, networking and complex

>adaptive software, hardware for networked and standalone

>deployment of complex software licensing models. Including Must

>provide multiplatform and operating system analysis for

>application deployment; program analysis to determine how to

>effectively deliver applications in very diverse operating

>system environments; crisis management to ensure uninterrupted

>services. Full and detailed knowledge of all networking

>policies and procedures required to safely deploy

>applications. testing, installation, trouble shooting and

>maintenance of all adaptive hardware and software.

>Develop/write detailed and complete training materials to

>support clients using adaptive hardware and software. On a

>case-by-case basis, analyze client need and recommend adaptive

>technology that will best meet the special needs of each

>client. Develop and write up procedural documents for the ATC

>client and adaptive technology workflow and operations.


> Requires expert knowledge of server deployment, support and

>administration. Expert knowledge of operating systems for PCs and

>MACs, ghosting and image building, networking, and all

>security best practices is required. Requires interpretation,

>enforcement and modification of current operational procedures

>for the ATC. Responsible for data gathering and reporting for

>all ATC activities. Ability to do database programming

>required. Analysis and implementation of the following

>technologies required:




>-database programming and administration


>-all adaptive technologies and services


>-operating systems


>-all aspects of network, workstation and laptop security


>Analysis of client needs, new and current adaptive

>technologies needed to develop operational


>planning for the ATC is required.



> Develop all adaptive technology training and support for

>students, faculty and staff. Provide case specific individual

>client counseling and training in use of adaptive hardware and

>software. Through


> programming with C#.net, Perl, MySQL, SQL Server, PHP, HTML,

>CSS, SMIL, Dolphin Easy Publisher, VBScript create tools for

>use with the alternate media production, database, work flow

>support and web work of the ATC.

>Must have expert knowledge of the multimedia applications like

>Macromedia, AVID and Camtasia. Develop with written and

>multimedia components, training on adaptive technologies and

>services, ATC web content and conference materials for

>adaptive technology. Create accessible web development

>practices for use in accessible web trainings which will be

>delivered by CD, video and the web. Develop and maintain the

>database system for all ATC workflow including client

>transactions, inventory and ATC workflow.


>Supervise [COLLEGE] ATC alternate media preparation for the campus.

>Prepare and edit alternate media for clients of the ATC.

>Alternate media includes but is not limited to all forms of

>electronic text, Braille, tactile graphics, audio and

>captioned videos. This requires knowledge of high-speed

>scanning, several optical character recognition applications

>and familiarity with Braille software and hardware.

>Knowledge of the production of tactile graphics also important.

>Meticulous editing of alternate media documents required;

>attention to detail and excellent knowledge of MS Word required.


> Lead the ATC WEB Team. Develop and maintain the ATC web site

>as a model of fully accessible, media rich web pages. Develop

>and promote accessible web page best practices.


>Develop hands-on advanced accessible web page development

>class. Lead the ATC's web accessibility testing service for

>the University. Through this service, web pages of [COLLEGE]

>departments are evaluated for accessibility from both the

>functional and coding perspective.

>[COLLEGE] Departments are provided with an accessibility

>evaluation of their web pages along with suggestions for page

>repair to bring the pages into compliance with [COLLEGE]'s

>baseline accessibility standards.



> Develop all [COLLEGE] publicity, outreach and teaching

>modules related to the services of the ATC. Prepare and

>disseminate information about the ATC to various campus units

>via advertising including


>but not limited to print materials including brochures,

>fliers, newspaper articles, videos, etc. For specific

>departments, prepare adaptive applications for delivery

>through departmental computing labs, offices, etc. packaging

>adaptive applications for delivery over a wide variety of

>departments throughout the [COLLEGE] campus


>Joe Humbert

>Assistive Technology Specialist

>Purdue University - ITaP - TLT

>Office: STEW 111

>Email: jhumbert at purdue.edu

>Phone: 765-494-4387



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