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The point of the Webinar is to outline the current state of NIMAS which is
the K-12 standard in the IDEA legislation. Of course, my personal interest
is more higher ed but I believe this event is monumental and needs
treatment. Also, An hour goes by quickly. If we hope to get into any
depth, 2 people is probably all we can cover.

I'd love to do a follow-up on how to expand this to higher ed.

At 07:27 AM 5/1/2007, you wrote:

>My apologies to all! I previously posted this last week, but with the

>wrong subject line, so thought I'd try again.


>Norm, this sounds like a very interesting workshop! Thanks for providing



>I do have one concern which is that there is no representation from two

>key players - postsecondary education dss and APA (American Publishers

>Association) - in this workshop. Since NIMAS is the standard for K-12 and

>not postsecondary ed, was anyone from the AHEAD eText inititive involved

>or invited? It would just seem appropriate to have someone who represents

>postsecondary ed involved in this along with the individuals who are



>Soapbox for any who wish to lend an ear: It seems that we have several

>different groups working on this issue, but the groups are not

>communicating with one another! Ex: Group 1 - we have the AHEAD eText

>Initiative which has the main players at the table talking, Group 2 - this

>EASI workshop group, Group 3 - a group of individuals who are blind who

>recently went to Washington to talk directly with senators and

>representatives about needing legislation mandating that publishers

>provide eText in a specific standard (I think they too had jumped on the

>NIMAS bandwagon). I'm sure there are other groups out there. Rather than

>having umpteen smaller groups picking away at the problem, it would seem

>more feasible for us to band together. More power in numbers!


>OK – I'm stepping off my soap box and getting back to proctoring finals.

>Thanks all!


>Heidi Scher, M.S., CRC

>Counselor/Coordinator of Disability Services

>Arkansas State University - Beebe




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>>EASI Webinar: The Future of E--books Is Here!


>>Accessible E-textbooks for Students: May 1 2 PM Eastern


>>Nicole Gaines, NIMAC Manager, American Printinghouse for the Blind

>>Julia Myers, Director, Resource Services and NIMAC, American Printing House

>>for the Blind,

>>Skip Stahl, Project Director, NIMAS Development Center, Center for Applied

>>Special Technology


>>President Bush signed the Individuals with Disabilities Education

>>Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA) on December 3, 2004 which, among other

>>things, mandated

>>the provision of textbooks and instructional materials in accessible

>>formats for students who are blind or print disabled. While the legislation

>>relates to K-12 students, we believe that the more that publishers are

>>creating accessible e-textbooks for K-12 that they will inevitably expand

>>to a broader audience. If not, there will be an outcry from K-12 students

>>as they transition into higher education wanting the same quality of

>>support for their studies. This will be like dropping a pebble into the

>>water. The wave will expand to include higher ed and the general

>>public. Learning about this dramatic e-book revolution is important for

>>all of us.


>>This presentation will focus on NIMAS, (National Instructional Materials

>>Accessibility Standard), the role of APH, (American Printinghouse for the


>>and the role of CAST, (Center for Applied Special Technology).


>>The National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC) is a file

>>repository for core print textbooks and related instructional materials

>>required for

>>use by blind or other persons with print disabilities in elementary and

>>secondary schools in the U.S. and its territories. These National

>>Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) source file sets can

>>be used to create specialized formats, such as braille, large print, audio,

>>or digital text. The NIMAC opened in December 2006.


>>CAST is the home of the NIMAS Development Center and the NIMAS Technical

>>Assistance Center, Cooperative agreements with the Office of Special

>>Education Programs, United States Department of Education.


>>While this Webinar is free, you need to register in advance to guarantee a

>>seat in the room. (Those who register, whether or not they attend, will


>>receive a link to the recording. When you connect over the Internet to the

>>Webinar room, you can listen to the presenters and watch as supporting Web

>>pages are pushed to reinforce the presentation. The audience can also make

>>comments or ask questions either by using a mic to talk or by writing into

>>the room's text window.



>>To read more and register to reserve a seat and to get login information

>>for this free event, go to:




>>Look for other future Webinars on that page. We have several being

>>finalized and they should be on that page very soon.

>>The EASI month-long, online courses on accessible Information Technology

>>for May are:

>>Barrier-free Information Technology (4-week online course starting May 7)


>>Creating and Repurposing More Accessible Content (4-week online course

>>starting May 7)




>>Norman Coombs




>>Check out EASI's New Synchronous Clinics:



>>EASI Home Page <http://www.rit.edu/%7Eeasi>http://www.rit.edu/~easi

>>Online Courses and Clinics


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>>send e-mail to

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Webinar Series on Accessible Powerpoint starting April 19

May Courses
Barrier-free Information Technology (4-week online course starting May 7)
Creating and Repurposing More Accessible Content (4-week online course
starting May 7)

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