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Almost all of the high end scanners come with the software version of VRS.
I have found it to be a good tool for very complex documents, but not for
everyday text scanning.

I would also be interested to know how you have found the OCR capability of
QuickScan to be. I looked at it a while back and while it seemed to be an
effective document management package I found it lacking for true E-Text
production. Also the price of the production version is pretty steep.

Ron Stewart

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Hi Scott,

We got a free copy of Kofax VRS with our Kodak scanner, but we never
really got the hang of it. As far as I could tell, it did not do
enough to improve the image to be worth the hassle, but your results
may be better.

What we did do is buy Quickscan Pro as our scanning software, and it
has made a nice difference in how we manage our process.

Bob Martinengo

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> Good morning,


> Is any one using VRS (Virtual ReScan) software as a tool in their text

> conversion process? We are thinking of incorporating this software into


> system. We use a variety of methods to convert materials but are looking


> improve the accuracy of the OCR process prior to editing, thus improving


> efficiency. We currently use a high speed Panasonic duplex scanner and


> for our OCR. My understanding is that VRS will provide a cleaner, more

> accurate image prior to OCR.


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