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Good morning,

I sent something similar to this to Joe in regards to the iTunes project.
He suggested this might be good info for the group as well since we have a
couple of projects underway that may have a level of sensitivity involved.

The following protocols have been the typical practice in ATHEN to this
point and I think it is a process that is prudent to continue to follow.

1 Any official communication from ATHEN should have at least the signature
of the current president as well as any Chair of a particular taskforce or
2. All official communications need to be vetted by the executive group
prior to any public release.
3. The circulation of any draft versions should be confined to the select
group involved with the project and not through an open list communication
since this is still a public list.
4. Any individuals or representative organizations that are signatures to
the correspondence need to formally agree to have their signature included
in the correspondence.
5. If signatures to the correspondence are doing so in their official
capacity they are responsible for any necessary authorization from the
organization or institution they represent.

Any comments or suggestions on this are greatly appreciated.


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