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John Gardner john.gardner at orst.edu
Tue May 22 14:54:39 PDT 2007

Hello Atheners. Please forgive me for posting two commercial items, but I
think they are appropriate for the list. Below is a press release on
ViewPlus Emprint SpotDot successor to the original Emprint. ViewPlus also
has just created a position in its products group for a braille reader to
help with product development and support. I am hoping some of you know
students or others who might be interested in moving to beautiful Corvallis,
Oregon. (Ron I know you still love Corvallis, but I also know you don't
read braille, so you aren't qualified for this one!) The position
announcement is at
Please note that this is a direct URL not reachable from the ViewPlus home
page. The position is intended as entry level with a salary in the 30's,
but applications from more experienced people will be considered.

Thanks to all.

News Release from ViewPlus Technologies
May 22, 2007
For Immediate Release

ViewPlus Announces New Color Ink & Braille Printer - Now 2X Faster!

May 22, 2007 Corvallis, Oregon- ViewPlus Technologies today announced the
release of the long-awaited Emprint SpotDot color ink and Braille printer
which will begin shipping immediately. This is the latest in the Tiger
Braille printer series that includes ink printing capability - now made
twice as fast as its predecessor. The speedy new Emprint SpotDot follows one
year after the release of the original Emprint which was the first Braille
embosser to combine Braille and color ink in the same printed document.

As more Braille readers join the mainstream, the need for communication
between sighted and blind people grows. Emprint SpotDot bridges the
communication gap by allowing you to print ink and Braille simultaneously,
placing the corresponding ink text characters above, on top of, or
underneath each line of Braille. Now sighted readers can follow along and
communicate more effectively with Braille readers in the classroom and

People with low-vision and others who may not read Braille can also use the
tactile and ink features for better comprehension of spatial material.
Adding color to a raised image makes materials, like tactile maps or
diagrams, more engaging for people with low-vision and students with
learning disabilities. Studies have shown that a combined tactile and
visual/color interface makes a stronger connection with the brain than
vision alone, improving learning comprehension.

Each Emprint SpotDot includes a license of the Tiger Software Suite (TSS) -
a plug-in to Microsoft Office - used to create and print Braille and ink
documents in MS Word and Excel. Braille text can be embossed in a wide
variety of international and Braille languages. Ink text can be printed in
any size, color or font the user chooses. Tactile graphics, like maps and
bar charts, are printed with raised lines and high-resolution HP Inkjet
color ink. The height of raised lines and objects is automatically
determined by their visual equivalent: the darker the color or shade, the
higher the relief in that area.

The Emprint SpotDot doubles as both a Braille embosser and desktop ink
printer, saving valuable desk space. Embossing at a competitive 50 Braille
characters per second (50 CPS), the Emprint SpotDot is one of the fastest
ink and Braille printers on the market. And it is the only Braille printer
that also prints color ink. Emprint SpotDot features Tiger Braille - the
most advanced Braille and tactile graphics technology - and HP Inkjet for
the finest quality color ink printing. The printer includes audible alerts
and a control panel with easy-to-use tactile buttons. Users even get a
choice of case colors - red or white.

The Emprint SpotDot uses the same paper and ink cartridges as mainstream HP
Inkjet printers so supplies can be purchased at any local office supply
store. Emprint SpotDot retails for USD$6995 and includes: the printer,
cables, ink cartridges, and TSS Braille translation software. For more
information or to purchase, contact your local ViewPlus distributor or
contact ViewPlus directly by email, sales at viewplus.com or call 541.754.4002.

ViewPlusR Technologies, Inc. is a private firm that develops and
manufactures hardware and software for people with sensory disabilities,
including people who are blind, low-vision and learning disabled. ViewPlus
worked with Hewlett-Packard Specialty Printing Systems to incorporate color
HP Inkjet into their Tiger Braille printer line. For more information please
contact Ms. Abigail Close, 541.754.4002 x 222, abi.close at viewplus.com or
visit the ViewPlus website, www.viewplus.com.

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