[Athen] Discription of ATHEN & Benefits

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I remember Ron organizing a founding meeting at Higher Ground in, I
think, 2001.

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Hi Howard,

I believe ATHEN was around before 2003. I have a copy of a membership
forma that is dated August of 2002. ATHEN was around before membership
forms were used.

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>>> Howard.Kramer at Colorado.EDU 5/30/2007 1:27 PM >>>

Ron, et al,

Let me know if you have any objections or suggestions regarding the
following comments about ATHEN:

Most universities and colleges face the same, or at least similar,
regarding access and accommodations to information resources and
for students with disabilities. However, because of the specialization
Assistive Technology and access issues, many campuses spend significant
reinventing the wheel or floundering around for solutions from a
variety of

Because of the lack of availability of intra-campus networking on
access and
AT issues, a group of campus access specialists formed ATHEN (Access
Technologists in Higher Education Network), a network of access
professionals from across the country (some members are located in
Canada &
Great Britain). Since its founding in 2003, ATHEN has shared
information and
worked on developing resources for best practices through a variety of
strategies: personal networking via a listserv; periodic meetings at
national conferences; participation and sponsorship of an annual AT
conference; development of a Web page and journal; networking &
collaborative projects with other organizations such as ATIA and

As a result, ATHEN members have been able to more effectively share
disseminate best practices and approaches related to access in the
post-secondary setting. ATHEN has also been successful in working with
organizations to address issues related to campus access, such as
for e-text production, accessibility of campus-wide information

Other post-secondary institutions can benefit from learning about some
the resources available through ATHEN and other networks and
resources by attending this session and/or participating in the ATHEN

Howard Kramer
Assistive Technology Lab Coordinator
AT Conference Coordinator
Disability Services
CU-Boulder, 107 UCB
Boulder, Co 80309

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