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John Gardner john.gardner at orst.edu
Tue Nov 13 11:17:11 PST 2007

Hello listers. I have a short doc file that I've been sending to people who
are starting to use this new MathType/MathPlayer technology to make math
accessible. This technology is really easy, but one has to set or reset
some Word or MathType options properly. These are my notes on those
settings. Since one should not send attachments on the list, I am just
copying it below FYI. Hope it's helpful to anybody needing to make math


Notes on using MathPlayer plug-in to Internet Explorer

MathPlayer is a MathML plug-in to Internet Explorer and is available free
from Design Science, http://www.dessci.com. No other web browsers need a
plug-in to show MathML, but IE does. Fortunately MathPlayer is accessible
to screen readers. Math in other web browsers is not. Math is read in
words only, because there is no practical way to display real math braille
to a screen reader.

* IE6 does not recognize the XML extension, so XHTML/MathML files
should be given extension XHTML to display properly.
* IE will display MathML correctly in web files but needs its security
settings changed a bit to read files on the hard drive. Notes below on how
to change those settings
* You can export MathML files from MS Word if you have the Design
Science MathType Editor. See procedure below.

Topic: Changing Internet Explorer Security settings

in IE6 and IE7 go to Tools/Internet Options.

Choose the "Advanced" tab

Scroll down about 80% of the way until you get to the "security" section.

Click on the second item: Allow active content to run in files on My

You might also want to click on the first item in Security: Allow active
content from CDs to run on My Computer

Topic: Exporting MathML files from MS Word/MathType

To export a document, make sure you use either the "Export to MathPage"
button on the Word toolbar or the "Export to MathPage..." menu item in the
MathType menu in Word. [Now called "publish to Math Page" in MathType 6.0]
In the dialog that comes up, make sure you check "MathML using". I
recommend selecting either XHTML+MathML or "MathPlayer (IE behavior)". Use
the latter only if you know that you (or anyone else) will only be viewing
it in IE.

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