[Athen] question regarding Braille/embossed Calculus and Computer Science textbooks

Jean Salzer jeano at uwm.edu
Tue Nov 13 14:10:45 PST 2007

Hello all,

I've been contacted by a small private school who is in need of support
in more than one area. First, they are in need of several textbooks for
the spring semester. They have made requests to non-profit organizations
and been told it will take 'about a year' to complete the books.
Otherwise, they're looking at about $20,000 per textbook, which I know
is not out of the realm of possibilities. If anyone is aware of already
completed books from this list, please let me know and I'll forward the
information to the school.

Here is the list of books.
Introduction to Java Programming-Comprehensive version,(6^th edition) by
Y.Daniel Liang

ISBN: 0132221586. Publisher: Prentice Hall

Calculus and its Applications (11^th edition) by Goldstein, Lay,
Schneider, and Asmar

ISBN-13: 9780131919631. Publisher: Prentice Hall

Architecture of Computer Hardware and Systems Software (3^rd edition) by
Irv Englander

ISBN:9780471073253. Publisher: Wiley

If at all possible, they'll need two sets for each book - or the
electronic files - already configured for embossing. This is a brother
and sister duo.

Second, they purchased a tiger embosser with the intent of creating
their own books, and have run into problems with regard to training to
use the embosser. Does anyone know a good contact for this for the upper

Thanks, Jean
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