[Athen] ZoomText vs. Magic

Shawn Foster FosterS at sou.edu
Tue Nov 20 09:01:30 PST 2007

Hello all:

Looking for some advice from those who have more network knowledge than I do. Our campus currently supports ZoomText 9, network version. While users are quite happy with it, it's been a pain for our network IT staff to work with, as it's not really playing nice with other software.

Therefore, I'm looking into other solutions for screen magnification & reading to see if we can get the same quality for the end user while lessening the burden on IT. (Our only heavy-duty ZoomText user is graduating this year, so have more freedom to make changes.) If you are running a network version of Magic, especially if you are working in a Novell environment, I'd love to hear from you. If you've got experience with both and can give some pros and cons, that would be even better!


Shawn Foster
Assistive Technology Specialist
Disability Services for Students
Southern Oregon University
email: fosters at sou.edu
phone: (541)552-6213

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