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Weier, James A. JWeier at stlcc.edu
Tue Nov 20 10:50:46 PST 2007

If I were you Shawn I wouldn't go with Magic by Freedom Scientific.
Sorry Freedom Scientific. I experimented with it awhile back and Magic
has a function called "Smoothing". It is supposed to get rid of the
pixelation and "blockyness" of fonts at higher magnifications. It does
that, but now the edges of the fonts is wavy and not blocky. The
wavyness can make your eyes kinda goofy. So, in the end, you can't beat
the quality of the text at high magnifications of AiSquared Zoomtext or
Dolphin Lunar. Smooth and crisp.

One problem we had with Zoomtext 9 was a conflict with Cornerstone by
Centurion Technologies. Cornerstone is software to protect hard drives
from having anything saved to them. Basically, you can save to the hard
drive at the moment you are working on it, but once you restart, all is
gone. It really was a simple fix. It was something to do with the
Cornerstone settings, but that's all the details I could give you on
that issue.

Otherwise, we have never had any problems with Zoomtext and software or
hardware conflicts.

Also, we don't use the networked version of Zoomtext. We use the
standalone, Workstation version. This is due to how our campus network
is setup, and each department managing their own lab computers. Why they
do it this way is beyond me. I'd rather use the network version of any
Assistive product...easier to manage, but unfortunately we have no

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