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Thu Nov 29 06:12:25 PST 2007

Good morning Athenians,

It would appear that we may not have conducted the recent elections in full
accordance with the Bylaws and I have received a complaint in that regards.

There is some discussion amongst the Exec Committee as to the efficacy of
this complaint, but none the less there has been a recommendation that we
redo the elections and so we shall.

Due to this I have asked Dan Comden to oversee a new election and to insure
that it is conducted in full accordance with our bylaws. I must take full
responsibility for this, in my rush to insure that the elections were held
at AHG I did not follow the letter of the law it would seem. My apologies
to all of you in this regard.

Dan will be sending out the requisite information to move forward with this

Ron Stewart

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