[Athen] Kurzweil 3000 License-To-Go and Vista

Jayme Johnson jjohnson at htctu.net
Thu Oct 4 13:44:10 PDT 2007

Hello Kevin,

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with Kurzweil 3000 and Vista. It
sounds like you are able to get the program installed, but it won't accept
the license to go serial number. Is that correct, or is there an error
message during the installation process?

I'm curious if you tried to register the program before installing the
patch? Also, in the step-by-step instructions from Kurzweil, did they tell
you to install the program by right clicking on the "Setup.exe" file from
the installation CD and choose "Run as Administrator"? I was told that this
is sometimes necessary, even when you are already logged in as the
administrator. I was also told that it may be necessary to right click on
the "Kurzweil3000.exe" and choose "Run as Administrator" in order to
successfully register it.

If you find a solution, please share with the list, and good luck!

Jayme Johnson
Assistive Computer Technology Instructor
High Tech Center Training Unit
De Anza College, Cupertino, CA

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Has anyone had any experience installing or granting a Kurzweil 3000
(Version 10) License-To-Go on a computer with the Vista operating system? I
have installed several on XP systems and had no problems, but this is my
first on a Vista system and I have been having some difficulty. I
contacted the Kurzweil Technical Support and they sent me a step by step
installation guide for Vista. It has to be done manually because of all the
Vista security features. I followed the guide exactly the way it was
stated. There is also a 10.04 patch that is available to download and that
has to be downloaded manually also. The student's laptop has her setup as
the administrator, but Vista still refuses to accept the license. Any
advice would be helpful. Thank you.

Kevin M. Carini MS, CRC
DRS Specialist
kcarini at matcmadison.edu
(608) 243-4612

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