[Athen] [ATHEN] Idea: Bookshare + RFB&D = national provider

Ron Stewart ron.stewart at dolphinusa.com
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Morning all,

I would rather see them both continue on in their separate and very
different forms. Each brings a unique perspective and orientation to the
provision of materials, as well as APH. What I would like to see is that
each of them focus on their areas of strength.

No one agency is going to be able to meet the demand necessary, and I also
do not want to see duplication and redundancy of effort. A lot of specific
expertise has been developed by the authorized entities and I would not want
to see that lost.

My other major concern is that this would just perpetuate the current
beaurocratic inefficancies that tend to impact RDB&D as well as the NLS, and
the state library systems.

By the way whoever the person is who is forwarding all of my emails to folks
outside ATHEN, the appropriate thing to do would have been to ask first! I
do not say anything publically that I would not want shared, but permission
is considered standard list edicit.

Ron Stewart

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I've been thinking about the Bookshare news, and have come up with an
idea: RFB&D and Bookshare should merge. Mergers happen all the time in
the corporate world, and this would be a logical solution to a real
problem - duplication of services and allocation of resources.
Bookshare and RFB&D could merge their services, creating one
comprehensive resource.

What do y'all think?

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