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>ClassMate Reader



>Longueuil (Quebec, Canada), October 17th, 2007 - HumanWare is proud to

>introduce a revolutionary device for students with reading difficulties for

>grades K-12. The ClassMate Reader is a tool to help students in and out of

>the classroom improve reading comprehension, increase reading speed and

>develop strong vocabulary. This tool is indispensable for students who need

>to refer back to previously recorded notes, tests or chapter summaries, as

>well as for anytime, anywhere learning.


>The ClassMate Reader is a unique, portable and lightweight system about the

>size of a portable gaming system with a large LCD screen. Students can

>listen to the audio version of their textbooks and study materials, while

>following the highlighted text on screen. This portable system is ideal


>students in any learning setting, including the classroom, resource room,

>library, extended learning programs and at home. The system promotes

>phonetic recognition and fluency and will significantly boost the support


>teachers who work with students who are dyslexic.


>The ClassMate Reader has several features only found on more expansive

>PC-based software solutions such as text-to-speech, highlighting,

>dictionary, text and vocal notes and audio book navigation. It can be part

>of the teacher's strategy to build students' independence in the learning

>process and enhance their confidence and self esteem. The system's design

>was carefully crafted to engage students and dispel the notion that

>assistive devices are unappealing.


>Scientific studies have demonstrated the advantages of a multi-modal based

>reading approach (audio and visual) for dyslexic students. With the

>simultaneous use of text and audio, students will improve their reading

>comprehension which is conducive to improve academic achievement and higher

>test scores. The ClassMate Reader can be used as an accommodation when

>administering tests, eliminating the necessity for the teacher to read the

>exam to students.


>The ClassMate's study features are built to assist in retrieving


>through the use of text notes, highlighting, bookmarks and voice notes. The

>ClassMate Reader can play various electronic book formats starting with the

>new NIMAS (National Instructional Material Accessible Standard) format,

>including DAISY, Bookshare.org, Audible.com, text, wav, MP3 and audio


>The player also provides integrated text-to-speech for reading books in


>format, such as those from Bookshare.org. It uses a removable SD flash

>memory card or USB memory stick to store books and electronic texts. It can

>easily transfer files from a PC with its standard USB connection.


>Brenda McBride, Product Manager for HumanWare said, "We developed the

>ClassMate Reader from input of students with learning disabilities and


>supportive networks around the country. Taking their needs into account,


>better understood the features and tools they require to be successful

>readers and lifelong learners. I am especially excited about our built-in

>dictionary to help students instantly look up words with vocal output."


>The ClassMate offers all of the most advanced DAISY functions, as well as

>navigation capabilities for any book or textbook. Students will appreciate

>the ClassMate Reader for quickly and effectively consulting their school

>books, making voice notes, study and practice and recording their teacher

>during class.


>The ClassMate will be available for purchase online in the U.S. at

>www.humanware.com or from Don Johnston Incorporated at www.donjohnston.com

>(800-999-4660) in late autumn 2007 at an affordable price of $439. In


>2008, The ClassMate Reader will become available in other countries around

>the world.


>About HumanWare


>HumanWare (www.humanware.com) is the global leader in assistive


>for the print disabled. HumanWare provides products to people who are blind

>and have low vision and students with learning disabilities. HumanWare

>offers a collection of innovative products including BrailleNote, the

>leading productivity device for the blind in education, business and for

>personal use; the Victor Reader product line, the world's leading digital

>audiobook players, and SmartView Xtend, the first fully modular and

>upgradeable CCTV-based video magnifier.


>About Don Johnston Incorporated


>Don Johnston Incorporated (www.donjohnston.com) empowers educators with

>supplemental instruction and intervention solutions to help struggling

>learners build core literacy skills with confidence. Since 1980, Don

>Johnston has partnered with literacy authors, psychologists, teachers,

>researchers, administrators, scientists and organizations to serve the


>of struggling learners. Thousands of students have now become independent

>readers, writers and thinkers with the use of Don Johnston's assistive

>technologies and tools, implementation materials and a variety of multiple

>instructional approaches, including audio and computer books to engage and

>motivate struggling readers.

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