[Athen] Questions regarding post-secondary institutioncaptioning programs

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I am interested in this documentation.


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I had a very extensive captioning program in operation when I was at
OSU, and I am more than happy to share the comprehensive operational
documentation if anyone likes. I cannot speak to how it operates now
since OSU in its infinite wisdom destroyed the program shortly after I
left. I have also answered your questions belewo

Ron Stewart

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captioning programs

I'm been charged to investigate the feasibility of setting up captioning
services at Georgia Perimeter College. To be honest I'm not having much
luck. I have contacted a number of schools and other sources and have
received no answers as to how other schools are doing this. Basically
the responses I have heard is that there is technology out there to
caption materials. That's great, there are also components that I can
use to build a rocket. However if you put all of those components in
front of me, I wouldn't know what to do with them. So my questions are
to anyone who works at a post-secondary institution that runs a media
caption program for Deaf/HoH.

My questions regarding setting up a captioning program are:

* Who is the entity that produces the captioning?

Media Services a component of campus IT

* Organizationally under which university/college department's) is the
entity located, funded, and managed?

Campus IT, funded using earmarked funds and student technology fees

* What are the most cost-effective hardware/software used? How much
resources are needed and what are the operational costs?

It depends on what you want to produce, we ended up subtitling almost
everything and uses a variety of software and hardware in the process.
The actual subtitling was done with Subtitle Workshop be we were also
exploring Lemony when I left.

* How much staff is employed?

1 Full Time program coordinator, 2.5 FTE student workers, Transcribers
as temp labor which were cost shared with the campus Typewell program

* What are the pre-requisite skill sets, and qualifications that are

The transcripts were created by the Typewell trained RTT. Most labor
was student labor that was trained in house.

* What are the policies and procedures that start from the request for
captioned material, to production, to delivery of the final product?

Those are outlined in the documentation.

My last question. Does anyone have any information on other
post-secondary institutions that have an in-house program? Any
information would be greatly appreciated.


Christopher Kinney
Assistive Technology Coordinator
Center for Disability Services
Georgia Perimeter College
555 N. Indian Creek Drive
Clarkston GA 30021

TEL: 678-891-3385
FAX: 404-298-3830

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