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There are basically three different commercial products in this category
depending on the type of device you are using.

Talks is for symbian phones, http://www.nuance.com/talks/
MobileSpeak has versions for symbian based phones, smart phones and PDA's:
Dolphin has SmartHal for smart phones and PocketHal for PDA's:

You need to be very carefull in buying the packages for the smart phones and
PDA's to insure that your equipment is compatible with the software. Make
sure that the software has actually been tested with the cellular device,
often devices that are of the same model but rebranded by the various
resellers have differing issues due to their proprietary implimentations of
the Cell OS.

At this point the only software that is being bunded with cellular devices
is Talks. AT&T has been making a lot of marketing noise about their efforts
but as of last week you still could not buy a bundle on a contract.

There are some good reviews in AccessWorld on these various flavors:

And a nice overview of Personal Notetakers to round out the discussion:


Ron Stewart

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Has anyone out there had the opportunity to work with MobileSpeak Pocket:


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