[Athen] line 21 captions and transfering from VHS to DVD

Jayme Johnson jjohnson at htctu.net
Fri Sep 28 11:08:49 PDT 2007

Hey Joe,

I don't know of any software that can grab line 21 information by itself.
The ability to capture line 21 information starts in the analog to digital
converter, either in a video capture card, or a dedicated USB or Firewire
peripheral device such as the Sony Media Converter. A lot of the analog to
digital converters don't pick this information up, as they are primarily
interested in making the picture look as pretty as possible, which doesn't
require capturing all the interlaced analog information that includes the
line 21 data. Even so, the line 21 information typically remains bundled up
in the video signal (or file). As far as I know, isolating the line 21
information as a discrete file is only possible with a combination of
caption encoder and captioning software like CPC 700HD, Rapid Caption,
MacCaption, etc.

However, there is a solution for going straight from any VHS deck to any DVD
recording deck, the Archiver II from Firebird systems- but it is important
to note that it doesn't have any digital connectivity to hook up a computer,
it is only for use between media recording devices.

For an all in one solution, get a Philips DVDR600VR combo deck, it will
transfer captioned VHS tapes to DVD with a simple button push. It doesn't
get much easier than that...

Hope this helps, and good luck!

Jayme Johnson
Assistive Computer Technology Instructor

High Tech Center Training Unit

De Anza College, Cupertino, CA




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I got a question from a techie at the library. He asked if there was video
production software out there that could read the line 21 captions off of
VHS and apply them to a DVD? Currently they are using a decoder in between,
but it is not an easy process. Thankx.

Joe Humbert

Assistive Technology Specialist

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