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Phillip Goodman goodman at eri-wi.org
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Not to be an instigator, or brick of sorts but.

It is a wonderful idea to adapt an MP3 device to be switch accessible for
any number of reasons education, communication, recreation), but why the
iPod? This is one of the few MP3 devices that requires proprietary software
to use. It's not like you can walk up to any computer and transfer files
without some issues. I have had to help a small number of clients and (lord
knows, my niece) to troubleshoot issues with the iPod devices, and many
times loss of files is involved. I know that since this line of devices has
received a lot of attention that there are more options for docking
stations, remotes etc,, but I just thought I would toss it out there to see
if anyone is concentrating on other devices that can be plugged in to most
any computer for file transfer, cataloging, playback without all the hassle
iPods require..

Phillip A. Goodman B.S. OTR/L


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I already heard early this morning how good the presentation was while I was
talking on the phone with a woman in Toronto.

I have phoned Dick and we are going to put a link to the recording on our
home page and leave it there for a while.

In November we will do 2 presentations about different DAISY players. I
hope then to get someone from NLS to talk about their coming e-text books.
(I am part of their pilot project). Then I may get some other places to do
other follow ups. Probably RFB&D, Bookshare, maybe California colleges and
if you have others to suggest, that would be good. Be nice to have a
running series for 3-4 months.


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