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We have worked with the good people from Premier Programming (then Premier
Assistive Technology, then Premier Literacy) since they first entered the
marketplace with their products. I find that they are very friendly company
that is easy to do business with. They have been very generous with their
"grant" program, and I believe that you will be able to get not for resale
(NFR) copies of most of their software so that you can both evaluate the
technology and let students who are interested test drive their products.
They tend to work closely with advancements in operating systems to take
advantage of what Microsoft provides to keep the costs of their products

They were one of the first companies to put their assistive technologies on
a flash drive for portability, which makes a lot of sense for most campus
situations. They call their product Key to Access, and we have worked
successfully with this with a number of students.

I saw that someone else had posted some positive comments about a few of
their products, and while I find that sometimes their products may not be as
feature rich or as elegant as some of the competitive products they
certainly have attractive price points, and they will stand behind any
product should you have difficulties. A good example of this is their Scan
and Read Pro software which I do not believe is as full featured as a
product like Wynn Wizard or Kurzweil (nor as far-reaching in its
capabilities), but at their price point of $149.95 it can often be a very
viable solution for user of limited scanning/speaking needs at a very
attractive price point.

We've also been very satisfied with their Text Cloner Pro. -ed.

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I am wondering if anyone uses Premier Literacy software (formerly Premier
Assistive Technology).

Has anyone taken advantage of their grant program? If so, what do you like
and what don't you like about the program?

Thank you,

Carol Raymundo

Instructional Specialist with Assistive Technology
Linn-Benton Community College

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