[Athen] EASI Webinar Snapshot Choosing Reliable Assistive Products

Prof Norm Coombs norm.coombs at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 18:44:00 PDT 2008

EASI Webinar Snapshot Choosing Reliable Assistive Products
Wed. April 16 2 PM Eastern

President Reagan once said, "Trust but verify!" and this is a good rule in
selecting products whose vendors say are accessible. Section 508 relates
to making purchases and it has tools to help you. The VPAT, Voluntary
Product Accessibility Template, is a device jointly created by the
Information Technology Industries Council and the U.S. General Services
Administration (GSA) to help vendors meet the 508 standards and help
purchasers understand what the vendor is doing to meet those 508 standards.

EASI's Webinar Snapshots are short, to-the-point presentations and we will
only begin to scratch the surface of introducing the VPAT. Many of us have
come to associate Section 508 with Web standards, but Section 508 actually
has 8 sections dealing with other topics such as video, self contained
devices and more. This Snapshot will give a quick overview of the Section
508 sub sections and a quick overview of the VPAT. In May the Webinar
Snapshot will introduce the government Services Administration Accessible
Buying Guide.

These Snapshots are a preview for a in-depth 4-part presentation this fall
giving a detailed understanding of the 508 sub sections and of how to write
and understand the Voluntary Product Accessible Template.

Norman Coombs
norm.coombs at gmail.com

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