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That suggestion was made by Chuck Hitchcock from CAST, so I assume he
is referring to K-12 textbooks being provided in NIMAS that already
have the main idea and topic sentences highlighted in the text.

-- Bob

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 9:03 AM, Kelmer, Susan M. <SKelmer at stlcc.edu> wrote:

> Interesting article. However, I take exception to the section about

> topic sentences and main ideas. If someone wants to do markup for such

> things, then I, as a non-disabled person, want the same for my books.


> If I had had textbooks in college that highlighted the main topic

> sentences, I'd have never had to read a textbook all the way through.


> I'm sorry, where's the equal access in this idea? To me this sounds

> like way more than equal access, this sounds like learning tools added

> in to the document, and that, to me, sounds more like enabling than

> equal access.


> Did anyone else notice this?


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