[Athen] Remote for powering on computer?

Shawn Foster FosterS at sou.edu
Fri Apr 18 14:23:28 PDT 2008

I have a student with limited mobility in her upper body and arms. She'd really like to find a remote control that can turn her computer off and on at home (she has an assistant while in classes or labs). I thought of using a simple remote switch, but that only works when the device can be left in the "on" position and the power source connected or disconnected (like a lamp). She uses a Mac, so using a scheduled start up/shut down sequence is certainly possible... but not quite what she's looking for. She'd like to minimize power usage when she's not using the computer, and her schedule isn't always predictable, so really a remote would be ideal.

I've been running through the web and still haven't found what I'm looking for (with a nod to Bono)...

Anyone know of such a thing?
Thanks, all.

Shawn Foster
Assistive Technology Specialist
Disability Services for Students
Southern Oregon University
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