[Athen] Adaptive Technology Network Licenses and Multi-Campus Schools

Weier, James A. JWeier at stlcc.edu
Mon Apr 21 08:59:05 PDT 2008

I have a question for anyone on the list-serve that purchases Assistive
Software Network Licenses and has a College with multiple campuses.

How do you handle the licensing in terms of using 1 central Application
Server to dole out licenses when needed at each campus, or do you have
an Application Server at each campus and purchase licenses separately at
each campus depending on campus need. Which is more cost effective as
well as management effective for you.

Furthermore, I'm trying to get a perspective on cost savings using
network versions of Assistive Software versus installing the software on
each workstation manually where needed. I know there are substantial
cost savings as well as easier management using a network version
(server/client), but would still like some insight on this question too.

St. Louis Community College comprises 4 campuses as well as 3 Education
Centers and we were considering the best possible solution to handle
network licensing and it's effect on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
versus ROI (Return on Investment) in the short term as well as long

Thank you to anyone and everyone who can give me any insight on these

James A. Weier

Adaptive Tech. Specialist/Access Office

St. Louis Community College

3400 Pershall Road

Ferguson, MO. 63135

314-513-4162 (voice)

314-513-4876 (fax)

jweier at stlcc.edu

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