[Athen] Digital pen for LD/HOH?

Kerri Hicks kerri.hicks at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 08:31:21 PDT 2008

Have any of you seen/tried the Livescribe Pulse pen? I just received
mine last night, and it is an enormous step up from the old Logitech
Digital IO pen.


It records audio while it also captures what you write (on its special
paper). Then you tap on your notes to hear what was said while you
were writing. My first thought was what a terrific tool this would be
for a student who has a learning disability, or who is hard of
hearing, to be able to replay lectures and do so in a spatial way,
instead of a linear way.

You can also upload/share notes with others, so students can help one
another...but it would also be a neat tool for notetakers to use.

I'm not a shill and have nothing to do with the company, I just wonder
if anyone has worked with an LD or HOH student who's used one, and
what the pros/cons might have been.


Kerri A. Hicks
Senior Information Technologist
University of Rhode Island
kerri_hicks at mail.uri.edu

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