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We've used several different approaches wHere clients had similar issues.
First, you might be surprised if you try using a VXI talk Pro express
microphone with Andrea digital USB converter (the list price is around $133,
however usually the street price is around $100)-although this is not an
amplified or volume controlled microphone we find that it often has enough
built-in boost with the digital converter to allow soft speaking individuals
to set up Dragon NaturallySpeaking without other modifications.
Additionally, if that doesn't work I believe that the Samson Airline 77
wireless microphone has controls in its base station that would allow you to
control the amount of boost, and that certainly should provide you with the
necessary support to set up NaturallySpeaking.

I have seen people use some very 'high end' amplification technologies with
NaturallySpeaking, but would use these almost as a last resort primarily
because of their high expense.

Hopefully others will have some good ideas for you as well. -ed.

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I would like to know if there is a type of amplification technology that can
be used for a student who is unable to project their voice loud enough to
train Dragon Dictate. This student has tried a headset but they did not work
since she is unable to use her arms to reposition the headset if they fell
off, or if it needed repositioning. The primary problem is that her voice
is too soft to be picked up by the mike.

Any help in this situation would be wonderful.

Peggy Kledzik CT


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