[Athen] Question about renewing ATHEN registrations at AHG

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Good morning everyone,

ATHEN members would certainly welcome a way to renew their memberships when registering for the Accessing Higher Ground conference. T his needs to be as simple a process  as possible. The form used last year was a bit confusing to individuals trying to register f or the conference, become members AND calculate the discount. If I recall from last year, changes to the  form should be fairly easy to make - it's a matter of how the information is presented .

It may be too cumbersome for institutions to renew using the conference form. I recommend information on the form directing Institutional Members (and those interested in becoming Institutional Memebers) to contact the Membership Coordinator directly. On the registration form there needs to be a way for attendees from Institutional Members to indicate this. This issue should be alleviated by the proposed bylaw change regarding a set membership year.

Let me know if you'd like me to take a look at the draft form.

Best --- Dann

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Hello All:

This message is in particular for Ron, Dan, Pratik and the other executive officers. At CSUN, we talked about the possibility of ATHEN members renewing their memberships via AHG. In the past, interested attendees can sign up and pay for ATHEN membership through conference registration. Since they then receive a discount from the conference, it’s obviously an encouragement for them to sign up at the time of registering since the conference savings almost pays for the membership.

AT CSUN, we talked about expanding this to membership renewal. We could do this by changing the item “ATHEN Professional Membership” to “ATHEN Professional Membership, including ATHEN membership renewal” – or perhaps something more eloquent I or someone can come up with later. One issue with this is that only individual membership is offered through the AHG registration at this time. Are there other options that should be made available? I’m currently working on how the registration form for AHG will look in paper and on the Web, so I can incorporate any changes once I hear back.



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