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You'll probably get a more comprehensive reply from Jayme Johnson, but...
The Mac does have a fairly decent magnification app, Zoom, built into the operating system. Go to the System Preferences and choose Universal Access. Choose Options to customize. It doesn't have the flexibility of ZoomText, but does do a good job of smoothing and doesn't pixelate too badly. Max zoom is 20x. Zoom can follow the keyboard focus or mouse focus and has screen contrast controls. Combined with VoiceOver, it does a decent job of giving voice output, as well. What it doesn't give you is an on-screen orientation to where you are, as ZoomText and Magic can do.
There are some other screen magnification tools from 3rd parties, but I haven't used them because Zoom does what I've needed (my vision is deteriorating at a slow but steady pace).

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Hi all,

I have a low vision student needing to access Adobe PhotoShop on a Mac. Any ideas of a good magnification program to try? Does the Mac have good magnification built into the system? This is my first venture into the Mac world.

Thanks for any tips.

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