[Athen] [ATHEN] Battling pricy textbooks with open-source texts, social media

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Thanks for your input, but I think we can just agree to disagree here.

I have heard these same arguments time and time again, but except in some
very rare circumstances have found almost no compelling data to support it.
In fact based on the research I have looked at the number this is true for
is so small that it is statistically insignificant based on a very extensive
review of the literature. Now I am only interested in the application model
as it applies to educational governmental systems so maybe that is where the
difference it.

Secondly how are you going to get existing educational systems to buy into
this? Maybe someday the entire economic and administrative will move to a
more socialistic model of operation but I don't seen this happening in any
meaningful way but I don't see this happening in my lifetime.

This is a topic I follow very closely as I try to help my clients make
informed decisions in their IT and AT operations.

Ron Stewart

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I have a completely different take on this than Ron. Open Source WORKS
and it also makes money. There are plenty of bands and authors that
would not be known at all today if they didn't start out by giving away
their work for free. Surprisingly, the old business model of "nothing
free" doesn't work these days, and "free" is working AND earning money.
Doesn't make sense with the traditional economics we all learned in
school, but in the actual working, people ARE making money and making it
well after becoming recognized by publishing for free.

It does mean a corporate shift for many, and plenty of businesses still
haven't figured out that open source/free does work, and does make
money. The music industry is the most steadfast in following the old
ways and the old economics, but it hasn't stopped open source, and it

Susan Kelmer
Adaptive Technology Specialist/
Lab Coordinator, Campus Labs and Classrooms
St. Louis Community College - Meramec

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