[Athen] Headers and Footers in Word 2007 - How to Read Them in JAWS

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This is the normal behaviour.

We have to go into the header or footer to read it. In Word 2007 it is Alt +
N, h or F for Header or Footer, then E to Edit. This takes us into the
header or footer and we can navigate normally.

Alt + N, H, E for Edit Header.

Alt + N, F, E for Edit Footer.

Cheers, Karen

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Greetings All,

Sorry for the cross posting.

Quick question.Can JAWS and other screen readers read headers and footers in
Word documents (specifically Word 2007)? If so, what is the command in JAWS?
Opening the document and doing the read-all command, JAWS does not read the
header. Also, doing a select all does not select the text of the header.
I'm wondering if it is considered "background" text and not available for
screen readers.

Thanks for your help.

Cassandra Tex

Assistive Technology Specialist

Humboldt State University

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