[Athen] Training Resources Available to Our Profession

Gabbert, Darren L. darren at missouri.edu
Tue Aug 26 09:29:07 PDT 2008

ATHENians, lend me your ear... and a bit of your time.

I am conducting research for a future ATHEN E-Journal article on
training resources available to our profession. I really need to get a
feel for what we find useful/beneficial from the conferences and
organizations familiar to us. Attached is an Excel spreadsheet with a
small chart for you to rate your past training experiences as they
pertain to various sources and "type of work" categories. Rate all that
apply using the following likert scale:

1 = Not Useful at All

2 = Somewhat Useful

3 = Undecided

4 = Useful

5 = Very Useful

Please feel free to share comments. A good response will make the
article much more meaningful to us all. I would like to aim at the end
of next week (September 5) as a deadline. Please return the completed
chart to me off-list at Darren at Missouri.edu. Responses will be kept


Darren Gabbert, Grants & Contracts Administrator

Adaptive Computing Technology Center

Division of Information Technology

University of Missouri-Columbia

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