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Wow this is a super add. One of the best ones you have ever done. I
really like it.

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> Are You Connected 24-7


> When you see someone walking down the street talking to no one, is your

> first thought that they need to go the nut house or do you conclude that

> they are deep in conversation on their cell phone using a nearly invisible

> earphone and mic? Americans seem to have a love/hate relationship with the

> mobile phone. Some people take them everywhere and are talking to friends,

> family, businesses and more all day. Others get actually angry when they

> see someone talking on the cell in a grocery store, in a restaurant and

> surely while driving!


> Cell phones have different degrees of accessibility problems for people

> with disabilities depending on the disability and on the features of the

> particular phone. However, in recent years, vendors have recognized the

> problem and have taken initial steps to compensate for their inaccessibility.


> When is a phone a camera?

> When is a phone a Web browser?

> When is a phone a calendar and an address book?


> Where can you learn about the accessibility problems?

> Where can you learn about some of the solutions?

> Where can you obtain a cell phone with accessible features built in it?


> EASI is presenting a brief live Webinar providing an overview of this topic:

> Free Webinar Snapshot: Accessible Cell Phones: Wed. Feb. 6 - 2PM EASTERN

> Presenter: Joel Isaacs


> Do you have trouble seeing the small icons or text on your phone? Do you

> have trouble using the small keys? Do you need a phone that speaks its

> menus? Joel will discuss the results of his research describing which

> phones work best for which situation. There may be one for you.



> You can register for this Webinar reserve a seat in the virtual room at:

> http://easi.cc/clinic.htm


> This announcement and the webinar are sponsored by EASI (Equal Access to

> Software and Information)

> http://easi.cc




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