[Athen] Vista ready for primetime with AT?

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Doug- we've been building with Vista for a while now. Much mainstream AT is
now supporting (supported by?) Vista. Certainly the ones you've nemtioned
below are working on Vista.

There has been some discussion about User Account Control (UAC) being turned
off to support some AT. I'd prefer to leave it on if at all possible.

You'll also find a number of AT technologies moving forward with their
support of Windows UI Automation found in Office 2007.-ed.

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Each year I buy about 20 computers for our student participants and load
them with AT to suit their needs. I went with XP last year as Vista was
then brand new.

Is Vista suitable at this point to run well with all the usual AT [JAWS,
ZoomText, WYNN, Dragon Naturally Speaking]?

I think I can still get XP up until June of this year but know that
eventually I'll have to adjust to Vista.

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