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Why should I pay nearly $100 for a set of scripts for access that costs
nothing for anyone else? That is the main question.

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iTunes 7.6.029 + Jaws 9.0.519 + J-Tunes are working at least as well
as they were when I tested last spring/summer. Since then, pgrade
from Jaws 8 to 9 (incl. importing of J-Tunes scripts) went smoothly.

There are constant (biweekly?) updates to iTunes.

So Sean's points about version compatibility & built-in access
remain very important.

But so far with J-Tunes we have been lucky. ...


At 03:42 PM 2/11/2008, Sean Keegan wrote:

> > a colleague from Apple pointed out that for the Windows version of

> > iTunes there is a JAWS plug-in.

> > http://www.tandt-consultancy.com/j-tunes.html


>I have not had a chance to play with this version of J-Tunes, but will be

>downloading and playing with the demo version soon.


>While it is great that there is support for a screen-reader and iTunes, it

>is important to note that this "accessibility support" is not built into

>iTunes. Rather, accessibility is via scripting provided by a third-party

>for which the user must pay. It only works for specific versions of JAWS

>and iTunes. My question is what happens when one of those two specific

>versions need to be upgraded - will the scripting still continue to work or

>does the user now have to pay an upgrade fee in order to get back



>Don't get me wrong - if that is what people are happy with, then fine by


>However, I have heard some various vendor representatives make general

>comments about iTunes now being accessible on the Windows platform and I

>think that is not quite the *whole* truth.


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