[Athen] Abbyy FineReader v9?

Marks, Jim marks at mso.umt.edu
Mon Feb 25 15:59:03 PST 2008

I'm the one who posted to this list that we tried ABBYY FR 9 and decided
to roll back to version 8 while we find more server space. Version 9
looks to be much more feature rich than 8 was, though, and the file size
is a consequence of that greater functionality. It probably is a good
idea to figure out which features are expendable, and cut back on all
that ABBYY 9 does to help conserve disk space. We're going to proceed
with version 9 as soon as we reasonably can. And it's kind of funny.
Our server holds 80 GB, which is not much, especially for a document
conversion server. Our office manager just bought an 80 GB iPod. I
guess at least part of the lesson is to think bigger and bigger in
capacity but smaller and smaller in actual size. (grin)

Jim Marks
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I would really recommend scanning to TIFF and then loading the file into
FineReader as an image-although my understanding is that even with that
process the files are somewhat larger.

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I think it was on the DSSHE list but what we are seeing is files sizes
with Abbyy 9 being about 10 times larger than with Abbyy 8.

Ron Stewart

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There was an extended conversation about Abbyy Fine Reader version 9 on
this or another mailing list recently. The problem with Abbyy Version 9
is the size of the files produced in the scanning process. The general
consensus is that it is safest to stay with version 8 for the time being
especially when scanning textbooks and other large items.


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Has anyone tried out the new FineReader? I know there were discussions,
pros and cons on FineReader 8.0 and technical issues with regards to 8.0
for some folks. Just curious...



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