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Kathleen Cahill kcahill at MIT.EDU
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The Foot Mouse (or the No Hands Mouse, as it's called) requires you to
sit forward in your seat to exert pressure on the foot pedals. This, in
turn, leaves the user without enough low back support. The customers
who have tried it generally have not purchased the device. Also, the
company is not very responsive and as far as I know, does not have a USB
version! (PS/2 only)

Naturally Speaking 9 works quite well even without initial training.
Its accuracy is better than Nat Speak 8, and users have generally been
very happy with the speech to text.

Hope this helps,

Sean Keegan wrote:

> Hello all,


> I am forwarding for another member - please see the message below.


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> From: Howard Kramer [mailto:hkramer at colorado.edu]

> Subject: foot mouse


> Hello All:


> Anyone have any experience with the "foottime foot mouse," or any other

> brand of foot mouse." Second question - has anyone used Dragon 9 as of yet?


> Thanks,

> Howard


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