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Maybe some day if your real nice I will share my Stanford story, not to
dissimilar to a CSUN story of more recent vintage


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Walking on water IS included if you think about the salary and the location!
Definitely would have to walk on water to get to work (grin).


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>Looks like Stanford is hiring again. Surprised that walking on water is


>in the listing.




>Stanford web site:

>http://jobs.stanford.edu/find_a_job.html (Job ID# 28052).



>Academic Technology Specialist, Office of Accessible Education (OAE),

>Stanford University


>Position Description


>During the past decade, technological innovations have dramatically

>increased post-secondary educational opportunities for students with

>disabilities. The Office of Accessible Education at Stanford (OAE) is

>charged with providing a centrally

>coordinated, campus-wide program of assistive technology resources

>for students with disabilities. A major goal is to integrate

>assistive technology into the areas of instruction, research, and

>employment for persons with disabilities and to support access to

>computers and online information resources for persons with



>The Academic Technology Specialist (ATS) will provide technology

>leadership for the Office of Accessible Education, assisting the

>Director with technology-related programmatic development and

>strategic planning for the use and evaluation of learning

>technologies. The ATS will also act as a resource for the campus

>community in the development of accessible resources and in promoting

>the campus-wide adoption of Universal Design principles in both

>learning and instruction. The ATS will also actively encourage and

>support the use of assistive technology by investigating and

>implementing new tools and resources for students, disseminating

>knowledge of these tools throughout the University, and creating and

>supporting an infrastructure that allows use of the tools in teaching

>and learning.


>The incumbent will be a member of the Academic Technology Specialists

>Program within Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information

>Resources. The Office of Accessible Education is one of several

>departments and programs participating in a program that provides

>specialists to assist with the integration of technology into

>teaching, learning, and research activities. Academic Technology

>Specialists are placed within schools, programs or departments based

>not simply on technical expertise, but on their respective

>discipline-specific backgrounds. They participate in the departmental

>culture and share academic interests with the faculty. As members of

>both the academic and the IT community, Academic Technology

>Specialists are uniquely positioned to bridge different cultures and

>to facilitate a creative and mutual exchange.


>In addition to working with the OAE, the Academic Technology

>Specialist will devote 20 percent time to the ATS Program. There the

>ATS will engage with other ATSs in projects of common interest,

>organize and attend meetings with technology experts, and contribute

>to the development of the ATS Program.




>o Support OAE efforts to move toward campus-wide adoption of

>Universal Design (UD) principles in both learning and instruction.


>o Initiate ideas, implement solutions, and find resources for

>use in providing technology access to students with disabilities.

>Work with vendors and external partners in testing and developing new

>technology and services.


>o Support enhanced technology resources, services, and programs

>for the OAE's Schwab Learning Center which serves students with

>learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

>Collaborate with OAE staff on efforts to develop and proliferate a

>model for providing such resources and services to this student



>o Provide technology leadership to OAE staff on assessment,

>learning strategies, and training needs.


>o Lead the Proteus R&D project that capitalizes on current and

>developing technologies to create a more inclusive learning

>environment for students with disabilities as well as enhanced

>pedagogical opportunities for instructors.


>o Help develop long-term funding plans for institutional

>oversight of assistive technology expenditures. Coordinate assistive

>technology policies, procedures, and support.


>o Support the institutional web accessibility program,

>including membership in the university's Subcommittee on Accessible

>Technology. This subcommittee is tasked with promoting and

>facilitating creation of accessible webpages and compliance with

>institutional legal obligations concerning accessibility.


>o Oversee a computer lab providing assistive hardware and software.


>o Test and evaluate new technologies, recommend purchase and

>develop strategic plan for future acquisitions and capabilities.


>o Coordinate accessible computing resources with other departments.


>o Act as a liaison with external consultants and service

>providers to meet student needs.


>o Consult with students, faculty and staff who have assistive

>technology needs. Assess and recommend solutions, and provide

>training as necessary.




>o Provide individual and group training for OAE staff in the

>use of assistive technologies, including speech recognition, screen

>magnification, Braille systems, writing/compositional aids,

>alternative computer input devices, electronic organizers, and



>o Support specialized technology systems necessary for

>alternative format conversion. Work with OAE staff in the conversion

>of printed material into alternative formats.


>o Consult with faculty members as necessary to provide access

>to their curricula for students with disabilities.


>o Review professional literature; attend conferences; network

>with colleagues within and without the University; participate in

>newsgroups and other forums to continually improve knowledge of

>assistive technology and post-secondary instruction.




>The ideal candidate will have a record of innovation and creativity

>in providing assistive technology services to individuals with

>disabilities and demonstrated leadership and resourcefulness in

>identifying and integrating technological solutions to pedagogical

>and learning needs.


>Specific requirements include:


>o An advanced degree, plus at least five years experience

>working with assistive technology, or the equivalent combination of

>education and experience. Coursework and direct experience

>implementing Universal Design principles in an academic environment.


>o Experience consulting with individuals with sensory,

>learning, and/or physical disabilities. Preferred experience working

>in an academic setting with students at a post-secondary level.


>o Thorough knowledge of assistive computer hardware and

>software, including speech input and output, screen magnification,

>scanning and OCR, Braille conversion and output devices, and

>alternate input devices.


>o Expertise in xhtml, dhtml, html and css with thorough

>knowledge of web standards generally, and familiarity with the WAI

>guidelines and techniques.





>o Expert knowledge of Macintosh and Windows operating systems,

>experience with unix bash scripting, and familiarity with python,

>perl, php, ruby, or other web programming language.


>o Demonstrated experience developing and delivering technical

>training to a non-technical audience.


>o Excellent time management and project management skills.

>Demonstrated ability to manage a complex workload, prioritize tasks,

>and use good judgment in providing services based on goals.


>o Excellent teaching, communication, and interpersonal skills.

>Ability to interact effectively and tactfully with members of the

>academic community; experience working in an environment where

>colleagues have diverse backgrounds and customs.


>o A commitment to the confidentiality of student, staff, and

>faculty training needs and disability status.


>o Familiarity with state and federal laws pertaining to rights

>of persons with disabilities, particularly in reference to computer

>and library access.









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