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Hey James,

As probably would not be a surprise OSU took the opposite tack and locked
down things pretty heavily either by editing the user rights schema in
Windows or using a secondary product like Deep Freeze or Folderbolt. In all
these instances the user rights had to be modified by enabeling write
propererties in the system folders for most of the products. I liked Deep
Freese because it had a diagnostic mode that would tell you what apps needed
special permissions.

We were also never able to implement the "Kzy to Go" or similar schemas
because our system rights had to transcend subnets. It worked out fine, and
in a couple of instances we were even able to support custom student
preferences using roaming profiles because we had a stand alone AT server
that it could tag. In the general lab unique profiles were not supported
for any students.

Ron Stewart

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Our AT lab just got hit by a fairly nefarious attack. As an old-timer I
have generally kept student-user permissions set fairly open so it would not
hinder any of the AT. Clearly that plan needs replaced. Does most of our
technology play nice with restricted permissions? Are there any specific
products that still require it? Thanks in advance for your wisdom. - James

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