[Athen] Common Cartridge Alliance[?]

Sean Keegan skeegan at htctu.net
Wed Jan 23 18:13:07 PST 2008

> Has anybody else "played" with the system? Have you found issues that I

I played with Angel about 12-18 months ago, so there may have been changes
to the system since then (this was before they had released their
personalized accessibility profiles). Overall, I found that it worked okay
with screen-readers as well as basic keyboard navigation (I was not testing
all AT, just a quick test with a screen-reader). At the time, their
"508-mode" was basically a linearized view of the page without any frames
and seemed to function well. Could have used improvement with more
structured HTML, but it seemed functional. Navigation around the interface
seemed functional as well.

One of the biggest challenges was the chat region in that it did not seem to
work consistently. Their implementation of the synchronous chat appeared to
be using a Flash interface and we had some problems getting a consistent
user experience with a screen-reader.

That being said, all I was really looking at was the basic structure of the
system - instructor content is a separate issue and we did not get into

> We tested their "Accessible" version. It had so many problems and was

> pretty much a copy of their pda port of the cms. I contacted their office

> to get some questions answered and they have yet to respond or fix the


Do you have a copy of the issues that you encountered with Angel? It would
be great to be able to all be on the same page if we speak with Angel
representatives about the changes that need to occur in their platform.

Take care,

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