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Wed Jan 30 14:41:27 PST 2008

EASI (Equal Access to Software and Information)
February Newsletter

This month, we have a rich array of opportunities to share with you:
Podcasts and Vodcasts
EASI Online Course: Barrier-free Web Design
Webinars: 6 different Webinar experiences with both EASI and guest speakers

February is ALMOST here. Several of these opportunities start at the
beginning of the month. Don't put off checking out these opportunities.
Podcasts and Vodcasts
We now have 4 different Podcast and Vodcasts we deliver every month. The
newest one shares videos designed to watch online or, better, on your
MP4-enabled personal player. These are all captioned
IT Tips and Tricks shares audio on ideas to make information technology
more accessible.
It's About People Not Technology contains personal interviews
AT conferences carries recordings from recent conferences. This month is a
presentation from the 2007 Higher Ground conference about accessible math
You can find these from the Podcast link on the home page (http://easi.cc)

EASI's online courses can be taken individually or 5 of them will earn the
Certificate in Accessible Information Technology. This month, the course
is Beginner Web Design. While for many this may be old hat, the Web is
including more and more interactive elements which cause new accessibility
problems. While this is an overview course, it does introduce participants
to making interactive elements accessible.
The course starts Feb. 4 but registrations will be accepted till Feb. 8.
You can read more and register at (http://easi.cc) and select courses

Six different Webinar experiences (2 are fee-based series and 4 are open to
the public.

Taming MS Office Programs Feb. 5, 12, 19, 26
This series will aim at different audiences. One focus will be on using
these applications to create output for delivery in several different modes
but in formats that will be accessible to users with disabilities. The
other focus will be to help users with disabilities and their trainers to
master these products using their special software.
Accessible Blogs and Wikis Feb. 7, 14, 21 28
Blogs, Wikis and the many different formats of social networking are prime
examples of how the Web is more than a window through to view
information. It is now highly interactive enabling the user both to
interact with the Web itself and to interact with other people through the
medium of the Web.

These 2 fee-based Webinar series are free to EASI Webinar annual
members. The normal fee is $195 per series.
Read about these and register from the Webinar link on the home page
There are 4 open, public Webinars but you need to register online in
advance to reserve a seat in the Webinar room. These can be found from the
Webinar link on the home page (http://easi.cc)

1 AutoHotkeys (Feb. 13 and 20) is software that makes it easier to create
your own hot keys. The application is accessible and people with
disabilities are some of those who benefit from these tools to facilitate
manipulating a computer. This is a 2-part public series

2 Bookshare update Feb. 26 AT NOON EASTERN
Jim Fruchterman will provide an update. With the new grant Bookshare has
received, it will become more useful and important as a resource for
electronic texts

3. Webinar Snapshot, Accessible Cell Phones Feb 6
This will be a short overview of the current state of the accessibility of
cell phones. Accessibility of these phones has been slow in coming and is
still less than perfect.

4 Webinar snapshot Feb. 27 demonstrating editing audio with Audacity open
source software. With the popularity of making podcasts, free open source
editing software is a good place to get started.

Both individuals and institutions can benefit from subscribing to the EASI
Webinar Annual Membership. For one fee, you can access all the fee-based
Webinar series for an entire year and get a discount on all courses. Read
more at:

or write me:
norm.coombs at gmail.com

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